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2012 Picture report from Hawaii number 1 · 8.01.12 by colin newell

Sitting by the pool today noticed a glint in the ocean… which was around 15 feet away.

I know – begs the question: Why build a small heated pool a few feet away from a gargantuan sized salty heated pool. Who am I to argue.
While we sunned by the pool we could hear the shouts of folks in their shuttered condos watching Sunday football – I know… that does not make sense either.

Hawaii – truly a land of mystery.

The real mystery awaits you below – it caught our eye. An iridescent glow above and below the water – like purple laser beams that flashed brighter as waves of water passed over the outcropping – I am assuming a fluorescent algae bloom – honestly, I have never seen anything like it. For once, a photo does no justice.

Will try and do a photo a day to encapsulate my experience.

Electro fluorescent algae bloom

Below our balcony – again, inches from the Pacific Ocean. This fellow flirted with the ocean life for an hour and came up empty handed… or did he?

Serenity with a fishing pool

  1. Sigh. Jealous. More please…

    Faye    Jan 9, 05:06 am    #
  2. Editor: link placement deleted!

    Fishing in sea is very much adventurous. I think he have successfully done it.

    Scott Kelly    May 19, 07:00 am    #

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