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Living with the Health Mullahs of British Columbia - Part two · 18.05.08 by colin newell

Crazy tobacco laws in B.C. Canada

Ever see something in passing (in your daily travels) that makes you totally scratch your head?

You know – stuff that does not make sense. Like kick-boxing… or child beauty pageants… or golf.

Or A stupid law or practice that defies logic?

If you have… Well…
Please, please comment on this.

Like, it cannot be just me can it?

Examples? Drive-through Coffee houses… or Fast food emporiums.
We have a No Idling policy in our city… and it is pretty darn strict.
And yet we have drive through cafes, bank machines and doughnut houses.

I have sat at the B.C. Ferry terminal while some Eco-Pig idles his SUV while he waits the 20 minutes to get on the boat – and everywhere signs… stating no idling.

The craziest thing of all? We now have a law that forbids cigarette shops or stores that sell tobacco products… from actually displaying the products.

No one profits more from the sale of Tobacco products than our Federal and Provincial government – and yet the stores are forced to cover up.
The example photo above is from Good-fellas cigar shop.
I have never been a smoker but I am starting to sympathize with smokers more and more every day.
Another crazy thing is the new perimeter law for smokers – no smoking within 3 meters of any doors or windows of any business down town… which would put a smoker squarely in the middle of most busy roads.

It is retarded… and it is your B.C. Liberal Government at work.

  1. We recently went into E.A. Morris Tobacconists and it felt just like walking into an “adult” store. In fact, it felt a little dirtier. How weird is that?

    Cheryl    May 19, 02:42 pm    #
  2. This is a test of course

    Colin    Aug 31, 09:35 am    #

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