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Victoria Spring 2011 Observations Murder of Crows · 29.03.11 by colin newell

Nothing like a murder in Rockland near Victoria B.C.

A murder of crows that is – and I found myself near ground zero of a crow convention this morning – around 5:30AM – or when it was getting light.

A murder in Rockland!And it was distinct in an entertaining kind of way – there were approximately 50 crows in a variety of perches – and what sounded like one head crow speaker on the hustings.
A main crow speaker who would cackle a couple of phrases with a clatter or derisive caws from 1 or 2 in the crowd.
Eventually, the main crow uttered something that the stadium liked because they all went wild — in a good way. I have never heard quite an eruption from a flock like this before. It was like the Justin Beiber crow hit the stage and all the crow girls and boys went nuts.

Main crow: “What say we all go down to Clover Point and look for garbage?”
Handful of crows: “F*ck that. We are SICK of garbage and picking floaters out of the water!”
Main crow: “Alright, alright… how about the Sooke Hills?”
Assorted crows: “Awwwwwwww f*ck!”

And then everything went quiet – apart from the occasional clutter from some of the birds that were talking amongst themselves.

It is well known that crows are family oriented, cooperative, have social values, are generally monogamous and they share intelligence on the subject of food and drink.

Something we do not seem to find in our politicians… Federal or Provincial.

Colin Newell lives, works and writes in Victoria B.C. on the subject of nonsense – and this is how he sees it.

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