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Roll up the rim... to pollute! · Thursday March 8, 2007 by colin newell

roll up the rim to POLLUTE! - Tim Hortons UNGREENAn Ottawa inventor has created a “labour-saving device” to help Canadians effortlessly “Roll Up the Rim to Win” at Tim Hortons.

Paul Kind, 62, spent three years developing the Rimroller — a plastic device the size of a bottle opener that cleanly slices open and unrolls a rim in one fluid motion.

“Do you know that Tim Hortons (sells) close to 300 million cups every year?” Mr. Kind said yesterday. “When you think of all the effort expended by these different people rolling up their rim, you realize what a labour-saving device this is.”

Uhm. Hello!?

300 million empty cups that get thrown in the trash… the land-fill… the sidewalk…

The trees!

I have been in Tim’s and I steadfastly refuse this stupid and polluting practice. Hello! Does anyone else get this? The waste? The blight on our landscape?

Mr. Kind said he purchased “hundreds” of Tim Hortons coffees over the last three years to conduct rim-rolling experiments.

“I always asked them for a double cup every time,” he said. “They probably wondered why, but there certainly was a good reason.”

Tim Hortons Coffee is a Bad corporate citizen.
Bad. Bad. Bad.

Enough of this freaking pollution already…
and as you know… Tim Horton’s Coffee sucks.

Supplemental reading — The Story of Stuff

  1. Oh come on now! It doesn’t suck that much….Our boys in Afghanistan love it! And they are close to the birth place of this hot beverage…..It’s not espresso, I’ll agree to that, but trust me, my friend, it tastes delicious coming back from some North Eastern States not too far away from where I hide and that I won’t disclose for fear of persecution or other bodily harm. Now, take out, is “take out”, what would you prefer: your hands snugged up tightly to receive the boiling offering or…. a paper cup? Bring in your own jug and cover just like you bring in your own cloth bag at the super market… With these savvy remarks, I wish you health, in body as in mind.

    Frederick    Mar 9, 04:29 pm    #
  2. What I am talking about (really) is the practice of Tim Horton’s giving you a PAPER CUP when you buy a mug of coffee and a doughnut for dine-in. I mean, come on! Why not give out pull tabs or something (like Safeway does…) This whole Roll up the Rim thing by Hortons is fucking stupid and fucking wasteful…

    colin (the editor)    Mar 10, 04:22 pm    #
  3. I agree. Most advertising is wasteful. Word of mouth is best…But last year we were anxious to find out who would get the van. A little girl found the unrrrrolled cup in a waste bin and her best friend helped to unroll the rim….they won a SUV. The fathers fought it out….we held our breath…Tim just layed back and relaxed…they milked the story for what it was worth.

    Frederick    Mar 12, 02:46 am    #
  4. Shouldn’t that be, “Uhm. Hel-LO!” in that annoying singsong tone, since that’s the way you talk, according to the Glib & Stale….

    — Lt. Murnau    Mar 12, 09:50 am    #
  5. While we are at it, why does Tim’s put more staff on a drive thru window than at the counter? How many times can you go to Tim’s and see people go in to the store and come back out with their coffee and your in the EXACT SAME SPOT in your IDLING SUV??? Park it…in a spot…get out, walk in, order and walk back out. Oh, and while you do this TURN YOUR CAR OFF. Tim’s needs to favor the walk in customer that isn’t wasting fuel, polluting and being an asshole. Get out of your car.

    Rob    Apr 3, 08:01 am    #
  6. Absolutely! Ever look closely at the Really BIG SUV’s and pick-up trucks?

    They are always driven by little men. You know… 5 feet tall or less and rather bull-dog shaped…
    Then again – some of them are just assholes in all shapes and sizes.

    I cannot go to Tim’s anymore – their coffee is vile rot-gut and their doughnuts give me instant indigestion with all the lard they pack into them.

    colin    Apr 4, 09:29 am    #
  7. Check out ‘The Story of Stuff’ on You Tube. It puts a framework of realism around our throw away social mindset. The Roll Up The Rim contest drives me insane but also motivates me into action; and as to SUV’s as a prize, it is a double negative wammy for Tim Hortons in my mind, as it explicitly reflects their disregard for the fact that we live in a world where the ‘gas that runs an SUV’ is based upon guzzling down a finite resource. (petroleum) Talk about a disregard for resource management, and the people who support such initiatives are absolutely perpetuating the problem and can’t simply blame the company. As this man’s ‘invention’ indicates, people (and business) will sadly capitalize on anything if there is a buck to be made. Not all, mind you, but too many.

    Cathy    Mar 2, 09:10 am    #
  8. Many valid points are offered here however…if one chooses to spend a huge amount of energy on slamming why not make it worth while. Not to say that marketing pollution,big box stores, Suv’s and the like are not obvious sources of environmental disregard but shouldn’t we be more concerned with things who are fundamentally bad. I am not exactly sure what percentage of roll up the rim sales go to Tim Horton’s KIDS CAMPS but I do know that those camps change children’s lives forever. A little balance goes a long way.

    Anick    Apr 13, 08:47 am    #
  9. Yes Anick – but why not offer PULL tabs or SCRATCH receipts? Why give away TONS of unused wax paper cups that take years to degrade? Come on – there has to a better way.

    Colin Newell    Apr 13, 09:47 am    #

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