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Rare Radio Canada Broadcast from December 24th, 1989 · 24.12.15 by colin newell

Click here for audio file if you cannot see flash player above.

RCI in History

The following is a 128kbps stream of a Radio Canada International broadcast originally aired on December 24th, 1989 – called a “Native Indian Christmas in Canada” – although a bit dated, it gives an interesting perspective and historic context of life in North America well before the European settlers arrived.

This article has a very, very limited life span and the file will be pulled on December 30th. Enjoy it while you can. This program originated from a 1/4” Reel-reel CBC Master tape. Sadly, much of the CBC archives have been trashed or disposed of due to cuts and restrictions on space. This little bit of history is now preserved for all time in the digital realm.

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