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Fundraiser for a new Canadian from Ukraine · Sunday July 24, 2022 by colin newell

This is an urgent plea, from a friend of mine, to bring a Ukrainian to Canada due to devastating war.

“I am trying very hard to raise money to bring a Ukrainian person, whom I know well, to Canada as she has lost everything in the war in Ukraine.
Loss of income, husband, home, possessions and family.

She is destitute and barely surviving. I really need your help to help her get here and begin a new life in Canada. I need your one-time donation please.

My name is Noel Crawford of 4000 Malton Avenue.
I am urgently raising money for a critical need and therefore am asking for your immediate assistance.

My friend, Larisa (49 years of age), from Ukraine, is in a very desperate situation and needs help.

She is destitute. Her city of Mykolaiv, Ukraine, has been extensively shelled and bombed throughout this war with Russia leaving her with no home, no possessions, and now a deceased husband.
Nothing has been spared. As the shelling and bombing worsened, she and her husband, Bill, left for Poland where they sought refuge with a small suitcase each as their city came under intense bombardment and their apartment was destroyed. A month after their arrival in Warsaw, Poland Bill became ill and unexpectedly died suddenly in a Warsaw hospital.

Photo right – Larisa and Bill in happier times.

Help this lovely lady via the GoFundMe

Larisa was devastated as they were the ideal couple. Larisa has had to move as a refugee to a very unsatisfactory temporary communal living environment sharing with families to survive.
She has one bedroom and shares a bathroom and kitchen with families. Now she is located approximately 400 km from Warsaw in a location outside of Gdansk, Poland. She has only $800 and has lost her entire income stream directly due to the war and Bill’s passing. Therefore, I am trying to help her get to safety and a life in Canada. Larisa applied for a Canadian Visa and a working VISA in April as a “Displaced Person” but has no funds for airfare, relocation costs, food, clothing, and everything else!

She is still in Poland while awaiting the Visas and her departure to Canada.
I have secured two years of guaranteed temporary living arrangements with friends in Campbell River with good employment and support potential.

My Member of Parliament has been contacted and greatly assisted with suggestions and ideas. We are asking for donations to help Larisa in her time of dire need. Any donation is sincerely and urgently appreciated. Imagine ourselves in the same situation!

A little history of my knowing Larisa and her deceased husband Bill.

I travelled to Ukraine for various periods amounting to 22 months over four years.
While in Ukraine, I met Bill and Larisa and worked with them in Mykolaiv in their tiny, superb English Language School that they had to close in 2018.
I knew them very well. Each trip to Ukraine brought me to Mykolaiv, and seeing them daily between my extensive travelling within Ukraine.
We have regularly communicated since my last trip to Ukraine and have followed their lives there. They have been close friends. Sadly, with the loss of Bill and the war Larisa has lost her entire income stream and it is now a very dire situation while sharing a single bathroom and communal kitchen with families she does not know.

We would help Larisa ourselves financially without asking for donations for her. However, we have been financially helping to support my wife’s sister and bedridden mother in Ukraine for the past ten years and are financially stretched to the limit.

I have set up a GoFundMe account for this purpose. Please copy the link below to donate.

Alternatively, simply go to your online bank account, click on “INTERAC e transfers” and send to my email address

Your donation is then directly sent to the bank account set up specifically for this purpose. I am notified immediately. You may also leave cash or a cheque in our mailbox including your name and address. All donations will go to help Larisa get here to Canada.

If you do not wish to donate that is your choice of course. I am simply doing my best trying to help someone who is an excellent, hard working individual who has lost everything, in order for her to be able to help her get to Canada and start a new life in Canada. Her life has been destroyed as direct result of this terrible war.

An accounting of all donated funds will be sent to every contributor when the Larisa arrives in Canada and is settled. Please ensure that you leave your name and address when donating in order that I may thank you and provide an accounting of the funds at a later date. Thank you ever so very much for donating!! Please do donate!”

Noel Crawford 4000 Malton Avenue.

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