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For your stomaches sake... · Monday June 19, 2006 by colin newell

90 bottles of wineIn 1986, a buddy of mine and I helped a gal (a UBC medical school graduate) move to Regina, Saskatchewan to do her internship.

lauren was her name. Nice gal.

Her Dad came along for the ride. The extra help was appreciated.

Seems Dad is something of a diehard Christian… at least one that believes in some odd things.

One of them pertains to alcohol… like Wine.

Apparently Jesus, and his disciples did not drink wine.
They drank grape juice. Good old welches grape juice.

Why, you ask?

Well. One drop of wine across your lips is alcoholism.
Not 2 drops. One drop.

Whokay. Grape juice. Whatever.

To make my point, I took a picture of Lauren at Expo 86 taking a big gulp from a Labatts Blue sleeve.
Here Dad. Your GP Doctor daughter is a drunk. What do you think of that?

Anyway. This weekend we bottled 90 bottles of wine in 54 minutes.
This wine will be shared between 3 families.
Our 30 bottles will easily last a year.

Am I a drunk? (apologies to those that are… it is, after all, a sickness or disease)
I have not been under the influence of drink in over 15 years.
That is, to say… Impaired in any way.
One glass is ok for me. Two glasses very rare.

My other point: Life is not always about coffee.

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