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Food on the table #3 - Argh Billy - you ever taste High Liner Fish · Sunday June 8, 2008 by colin newell

With the price of fuel spiraling like lead-shot at a Dick Cheney hunting party, only the most oblivious among us have not figured out the impact this is having on food distribution.

Food riots.

It is amazing what people will do when they or their children are hungry.
Get used to hearing about it.

I heard something in passing about Canadian food legend, Captain High Liner.
They sell fish sticks… but that is not all.

Quite a few of their products are processed in China… flown all the way to China for filleting and then back to you… to feed you better.

Let’s here it from them directly: Link


Very few of our products actually come from China. In fact, only 2 (Tilapia and Shrimp) out of 13 major seafood products sold by High Liner are from that country. All High Liner wild fish are caught in international waters where they are frozen within hours of being caught. The fish is shipped to China, where it is filleted (cut) and packaged. For filleting, the frozen fish are slightly “tempered” to allow the fish to be cut.


  1. Chinese processors have built state-of-the-art processing facilities to meet the growing demand of the global market. This has given them a greater buying power that allows for better-priced seafood.
  2. High Liner uses China to cut some of our fish as it helps to keep our costs in line. This allows High Liner to provide competitively priced products to our consumers. Research has shown that we all want the highest quality products, yet at the best price possible.
  3. The majority of Canadian fish and seafood companies use China to process and/or fillet their fish.

Wow. Right. We want cheap fish! Yea.

As aviation fuel becomes liquid gold I am imagining that local fish processors might be getting more work… very soon.

  1. we americans want cheap fish so the restaurants can pile it up on our plates.

    jeanie    Jun 8, 11:29 pm    #
  2. Considering the history in Canada of fish processing, it’s just another in a long list of our raw resources being shipped overseas for processing. One day people will learn that it means more to pay the people in our own back yard.

    Cheryl    Apr 11, 06:20 pm    #
  3. I am just horrified to learn that the Multigrain Tilopia by HIGH LINER and bought at Costco is from China where Talopia and other fish is fed RAW SEWAGE DAILY.
    GOOGLE states ALL High Liner fish is from China and most all fish from every co. Is from China.
    Since I have learned about the horrific torture of farm animals and that MILK IS POISON and contains PUS AND BLOOD and that FDA ADMITS CANCER CAUSING ARSENIC IN CHICKEN, FISH...
    What is my alternative and now to learn fish fed RAW SEWAGE DAILY.
    DO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE EVEN CARE or is all they are concerned over is CIGARETTE SMOKE ?
    If Consumers cared, we could put a stop to FDA , Dept OF AGRICULTIRE, and the GOV make out of us..

    Joan Carter    Sept 7, 01:03 pm    #
  4. For quite some time I have avoided buying any frozen fish. There are very few that do not say made in China. I am very concerned that our Canadian processors have been decimated! How can it possibly be more economically feasible to ship fish caught very close to Canada to China for processing then ship it to Canada?

    Margaret Tucker    Dec 19, 11:48 am    #
  5. Who is to say that the fish harvested in international waters and sent to China is the actual fish sent back to Canada. China is well known for fake product. Also, really disappointed that High Liner have taken 2 pieces of fish from their package for the same price. What is next? So disappointed

    Susan Chukdong    Nov 6, 09:20 pm    #
  6. Personally I have not knowingly bought any Highliner products in the last 20 years. We have plenty of Canadian products to eat. Great way to lose weight . Coop federation of Saskatchewan has great fish. Northern Wild Fishery product of Canada LP

    Linda    Apr 21, 09:33 am    #
  7. I cannot believe that the pan seared sole is processed by China!!!Highliner isn’t involved in anything. Just in name only collecting the big bucks!! Makes me sick that their Canadian and doing that crazy. Will never buy their product again.

    Angie    Jun 28, 01:16 pm    #
  8. Why can we in Canada catch and package or can our own fish? Is it necessary to exploit “slave labour” to provide us with Fish?

    Eric Lawrence McKinley    Aug 31, 11:57 am    #
  9. I have never ceased to be amazed by all the things we give up in the same of convenience — and being cheap — and I am amazed at the continued popularity of this article. Thank you Eric for bringing more life to the conversation.

    Colin    Aug 31, 12:38 pm    #
  10. I refuse to buy Highliner or and fish that has been processed in China. I would rather pay a bit more for a completely Canadian product.

    E. Fusk    Oct 10, 05:54 pm    #

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