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Quattro Stagione Cafe 7060 West Saanich Rd review · Sunday June 15, 2008 by colin newell

Quattro Stagione – I have no idea what it means.
Quattro Stagione is a restaurant on West Saanich road on the Saanich peninsula.

From the outside it appears to be a bit of a dive or visually unstructured. I mean, there is nothing to indicate here that there is anything outstanding or unusual on the menu. Patience yields a surprise however.

World famous coffee-tamper artisan (and vegetarian) Reg Barber swears by the joint. His shop is in Brentwood (no, the Keating industrial park actually…) and he lunches here.

So while picking up some stuff from Reg Barber, my wife and I popped in for a late lunch (3 hours before having a fabulous dinner at the Heron Rock Bistro – my next review)

Ok. The food here is really good. It is of a middle-eastern bent; falafel, pita’s, wraps, intriguing sandwiches and very original and healthful salads.
Which were very tastefully and artistically served.
The only minor downside at this late hour in the afternoon, 1/2 hour before closing:
Was the owners kids – a 7 year old boy and 11 year old girl kept buzzing in and out of the cafe… endlessly.

We were sitting out at a sidewalk table and the 7 year old boy spent 3 or 4 minutes running around us, hiding behind me giggling and mugging… at some point asking me if I wanted to hear a song with rude lyrics…
I think my bored and slightly irritated expression drove him away… or his boredom took over.
The 11 year old daughter roller-bladed non-stop… into the cafe, out of the cafe, into the cafe, out of the cafe… I am not sure… food safe violation ? No? Yes?

Overall verdict: Really great creative food. But come mid-day before schools out!

  1. Well, the fact that children were there doesn’t indicate a foodsafe violation. Additionally, why didn’t you say something? That might have made a difference.

    Samuel    Aug 20, 11:12 am    #
  2. The presence of children does not a food safe violation make… the roller blading in and out and in and out of the restaurant… from one end to the other… is not only annoying but a food safe violation in as much as bringing a bicycle into a restaurant or food prep area would be a food safe issue – any cafe or restaurant owners… please jump in.

    Colin    Aug 20, 05:26 pm    #
  3. Hi Colin.
    Glad you liked our food. You must have come in rather late in the day as the kids don’t get off from school until 2:45 and our kitchen closes at 3. Believe me, my kids buzzing around the cafe bugs me too, but that late in the day…almost closing, they aren’t expected to sit quietly and not talk to customers, as they do any other time they are in the cafe. Since they have grown up in our restaurant, they can forget it is not their living room. I’m sorry you thought our place looked like a dive as I try very hard to work with our landlords who aren’t much interested in keeping the place up. Most reviewers I know base a review on more than one visit. I think I recall this incident and would have appreciated an opportunity to resolve the situation. I don’t think your experience was typical of most of our customers and apologize on behalf of our family. PS I doubt Reg would have recommended us if this was what he regularly experiences. Sincerely Toni Brassard

    Toni    Aug 26, 02:30 pm    #
  4. I have followed up with one of the owners/partners. Please know that in 5 visits to Q.S. that I found the menu creative, ingenious and impeccably fresh every time. And noted: Reg Barber is always right. That is what I love about the guy.

    Colin (the editor)    Aug 26, 02:54 pm    #

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