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Fall Colors Canadian Style - Giving Thanks pre-Election day · 13.10.08 by colin newell

Split a plate at the Irish Times Victoria B.C.

On a recent trip to the U.S.A. I spoke with quite a few folks standing in the queue to get on the boat back to Victoria – We had just spent the weekend in Seattle, Washington – arguably one of the coolest, sweetest, hippest and politically savvy cities in the Union – perhaps in North America – and we had a productive visit to Coffee-Fest – and we were coming home.

People misunderstand Americans. Especially from a global perspective. And unless you can actually reach out and touch one, you really do not understand what they are all about. What they are, from my observations, are really hard on themselves – especially these days. Their economy is in the tank and it is effecting economies Worldwide – and their military adventures have been less than successful this decade.

And yet I like Americans – virtually every one I have ever met. And they return the favor. What I experienced, more than anything else, was their thankfulness to be living next to a peaceful country like Canada – apparently we influence them on some level – at least that is what I was told.

Well thanks.

Canadians are so different, we celebrate Thanksgiving earlier… weeks earlier – this weekend in fact.

This weekend we give thanks – for what is left of our retirement savings… if we are brave enough to look. Thanks to our government and financial institutions for being regulated enough not to find ourselves in the mess that our friends to the South are experiencing. Thanks.

Thanks that we have a roof over our head. Thanks that the people around us are reasonably healthy. We live in a city that has seen increasing issues with poverty and homelessness. I give thanks to those who work tirelessly to solve some of these challenges. To those alone in this city, living without family – on a day where one could get seriously depressed being reminded what they do not have – I offer them best wishes and hope for the future.

To fate. That gave me two strong arms and a healthy body… once again, I say thanks.

Tomorrow we have a federal election – a democratic process that I have learned to appreciate during my life. Thank you to those who fought for this.

Oh yea. In the picture above. Thanks to the Irish Times pub that let us split a burger for lunch – along with a couple of small glasses of beer. A tribute, if you would, to those that have little.


  1. Amen

    Mark    Oct 14, 06:25 am    #
  2. My only beef about an otherwise good split meal was the beer – $4.80 for a 12 ounce serving – granted, Andrea and I had Caffrey’s and Boddington’s – the most pricey beer on the menu. Adult content: Do not go to the Irish Time’s unless you enjoy perky and pretty young girls in almost impossibly short tartan skirts – in your face Earl’s Girls with your sprayed on evening dresses!

    Colin    Oct 14, 02:48 pm    #
  3. Thanks for you kind words for Americans. We are feeling somewhat battered of late.

    jeanie    Oct 16, 09:50 am    #

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