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Fall Colors - Cafe Artigiano comes to Victoria · 22.10.08 by colin newell

People tell me that the cafe market in saturated in Victoria B.C. Canada. Nonsense! I keep saying that there is a lot more room for coffee in Victoria. And with that…

Caffè Artigiano President Willlie Mounzer has announced the opening
of its first Victoria location – 1140 Government Street.

The Piccolo family created Caffè Artigiano which opened in Vancouver, BC in December 1999 – their branding included “Latte art” on their sidewalk signs. On some level, few people took much notice. It was the actual quality and consistency of the beverages that sold Vancouver residents.

Like the Girl next door that we do not always pick up on right away, Artigiano slowly built a following looking for quality joe, a comfortable environment with a bite of sass built in. In my many trips to Vancouver in the first part of the 21st Century, a stop at an arti used to be absolutely necessary.

Within the last two years, the Piccolo brothers sold off the enterprise to Earl`s creator, Willie Mounzer – and with that, speculation that the success and sexiness of Arti would tank. Did it? Not for me to judge. I still pop in from time to time when I am in Van – and yes, some of the jive is off the vine – and that could possibly be a psychological effect of something beloved being tarted up and branded out – Mini-Starbucks style. I mean, this is what Starbucks used to be; sexy and tasty.

Anyhow – Cafe Artigiano is finally coming to the city of Victoria B.C. – and yes, we might be some of the first caffeine-addled in line – if only to criticize what we had come to love – Caffè Artigiano will be located on Government Street – Victoria… in the lobby of the Bedford Hotel. They will be brewing premium cups of joe with the Clover single cup brewer and churning out at least some of the energy that has taken Vancouver by storm.

  1. I’m glad you pulled your nose out of Habit’s ass long enough to put out some worthwhile information. Congrats!

    Chad Sexington    Oct 23, 07:34 am    #
  2. Say what!? My nose is not in anyone`s ass mister - so watch your tongue!

    colin    Oct 23, 11:58 am    #

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