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Spring into unusual coffee season with Doi Chaang Organic Civet Coffee · 20.05.09 by colin newell

Doi Chaang Organic USDA Civet Coffee from ThailandJust brewed up a small < 20 fluid ounce Newco thermal carafe of Doi Chaang Thai civet coffee from the good people at Doi Chaang coffee.

Doi Chaang only uses Northern Thailand 100% arabica coffee – and their civet coffee is 100% pass grade – which means through and through – need another definition? The red cherries pass through the civet cat entirely – not chewed and expectorated.

The Doi Chaang Civet coffee (unlike some cheap Vietnamese knock-off Kopi Luwak coffees) are organic from free-range civet cats – not penned up factory product like you get from Vietnam.

What does it taste like?

In the bag (whole bean), the coffee is very mild with a pleasant caramel fragrance.
In the cup: Very softly defined sugars, a gentle astringency – not a hint of bitterness… a very, very balanced acidity that I would have never have expected from something so new and novel.

The Doi Chaang civet coffee reminds me of some of the better Kona’s that I have had – with a mysterious and whimsical edge that I cannot quite put my finger on.

We served to about 8 people in the first batch – everyone (even the Pro’s) found it agreeable and surprisingly mild. If you were expecting a wild flavor with tons of berry notes or big body and chocolate, this is not that coffee.

It is, however, light years ahead of the Vietnamese impersonators.

Thumbs up to a pleasant and tasty civet coffee!

  1. Did a french press today with the Thai civet – using a very old 16 fluid ounce dow-corning Melior french press – heavy on the dose with a 3 minute brew… bringing out all the things I noted with several drip brews – no bitterness, a very simple and delicate profile on the palate – simple coffee flavor with some balanced chocolate notes and some very slight lemony twists. I never thought I would see the day where I was praising a coffee that has no regional or local history of regular consumption – I say that because most “civet” coffees or Kopi Luwaks are carefully crafted novelties, shills or outright frauds… This on the other hand, has a unique flavor that I have never tasted in a coffee cup. Sadly, I doubt very few coffee consumers will ever taste it or buy it. Mores the pity.

    colin    May 22, 08:10 pm    #
  2. please send me more imformation to my e-mail thank you

    mark ledesma    Dec 24, 12:02 pm    #

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