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Summer Food Fun and Drink Chapter 14 OTTO in the House · Monday July 13, 2009 by colin newell

Australia's Otto Espresso in the House!

OTTO arrived on the shores of North America today! Delivered to my door after what seems like a long, long wait.

You have read the stories before – and the blogs that I have put out over the last year or so.

And for all those watching the reemergence of the classic Atomic espresso maker (in the guise of a new Atomic – and a Sorrentina), OTTO was hotly anticipated.

And few were more excited than I was.

I have never even touched an Atomic or Atomic style coffee maker before – and I know the devotion, amongst collectors and users, is legendary.

So this is just a teaser – in what will become an entire series unto itself.

After taking OTTO out of its shipping crate, I was staggered at the raw weight of the unit. I will weigh it tomorrow – but apparently it clocks in at about 3 times the weight of the Atomic Classic.

And my first brew after a casual flirtation with the instructions?

OTTO knocked me out of the park with a crema rich espresso. With Craig Hiron and associate Ben on Video Skype in Sydney Australia – watching on pins – I gasped at the first sips of espresso and a cheer went up Down Under.

This was a truly delightful moment for me – and the boys in Australia. A sense of relief too. I mean, I had no idea how good this was going to be.

More coming!

  1. Finally it has arrived!! I am excited about the review.

    Aashish    Jul 13, 11:36 pm    #
  2. Do not forget that you can win this OTTO – write a short story – 500 words on how coffee has changed your life – or a funny coffee themed story – and win the OTTO above – deadline is July 31, 2009!

    Colin Newell    Jul 14, 10:34 am    #
  3. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”
    Can we quote Keats here? Ok, maybe that is over the top, but this Otto is beautiful.

    jeanie    Jul 14, 10:25 pm    #
  4. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! What a beautiful piece of work! Thanks Craig for saving us from mediocre! Can’t wait to try it out!

    shawna    Jul 18, 01:20 am    #
  5. Hey Shawna! Submit a short story to my webpage and WIN OTTO for yourself!

    Colin    Jul 18, 11:54 am    #
  6. This looks like an absolute knockout. From what I can see, the designers have taken all the best aspects of the much-loved Atomic and then raised the bar with a machine that not only looks sexy, but delivers a great coffee? What more can you ask for? I’m reminded of the reinventions of classics like the Mini and the VW Beetle and feel we have another fine update in the Otto. Cool name too.

    JayJay    Jul 28, 07:31 am    #
  7. Ugg… I can’t keep the drool off my face. I’ve never wanted a machine more than I want this Otto. It’s red hot! I mean it’s off da chain!

    cheri gojiberry    Jul 28, 10:02 pm    #
  8. I feel illegal just looking at it!

    cheri gojiberry    Jul 28, 10:06 pm    #
  9. Well – you have 2 days to submit an entry. Why drool when you can possess?

    Colin Newell    Jul 29, 09:01 am    #
  10. Voting is now underway over on the website for the winner of OTTO. Jump in – read the stories – cast your ballot!

    Colin Newell    Aug 1, 12:12 pm    #

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