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Baby bottom bugaboos and other bewildering blather · 8.12.09 by colin newell

Tim Hortons pulling the wool over our eyes - drive through nonsenseWhile waiting in line for my favorite serving of breakfast (a weekend or so ago…) I noticed a young parent plunk down their diapered bambino on the cafe counter adjacent to the POS terminal. You know, where staff put food and beverages…
The young couple had just pushed their way into the cafe with a HUMVEE sized stroller that essentially trapped us mortal folk inside the cafe. In the event of fire or pestilence we would have died happy while grabbing for our favorite baked goodies while fire and smoke overtook our sorry souls.

But this does not bother me half as much as Tim Horton’s HQ who are desperately trying to hang on to their profit share by using some kind of Faith based science in defending their unbridled expansion of drive through extensions in the Province of Ontario.

I use the term Faith in that they must really take themselves seriously if they expect us to believe in the nonsense that they are pitching.

Facing a rising brew ha ha of municipal anti-drive-thru ordinances, Horton’s parent company TDL commissioned a study last year from RWDI consultants, based in Guelph, Ont… comparing total emissions given off by customers’ cars that use drive-thrus and those that use parking lots.

The stunning result: — that cars using drive-thrus produce lower emissions than those using parking lots.

The suggestion is… parked cars generate more pollution than the idling cars in the drive-through. Right.

Fact is, it is a high stakes game because Timmies makes almost 50% of its revenue from un-conscientious smoggers. Yes lots of folks simply cannot get out of their cars because of squalling babies and implacable pets – and there are other reasons.

Timmies supposition that Drive-Throughs work towards a general social good is cynical and deceptive. And we are not buying it.

And neither should you.

  1. Coming soon! An all new Readers Digest Rant! Yup – those cheap paper slime-balls have done it again!

    Colin Newell    Dec 14, 05:58 am    #
  2. Don’t you contradict yourself in the second part by stating in the first part the precise reason why drive-thrus are popular: the customers inside those places are often depressing, filthy assholes? At least, that’s why I drive through Tim Horton’s…

    — Darwin    Dec 15, 05:21 am    #

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