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Victoria B.C. Canada - Sunday around town - Beer burgers etc · 22.06.08 by colin newell

Irish Times Victoria pub - beer, burgers and mini'sIt’s late in the afternoon. The chores are done. And you haven’t had anything but breakfast.
What do you do on a late June afternoon in Victoria B.C. Canada when the Sun is shining down and there is a thirst and a hunger that needs to be quenched?

Well. Heck. You head to the Irish Times Pub that’s where!

This cavernous joint on Government at the head of Bastion Square is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. On a day like today the patio was popular so we tucked inside at one of their cosy tables. We were immediately attended to by a bubbly young waitress – you know the type; about 6’ 4” tall, fashion-forward type with a pocket-square sized mini-skirt… made of a sample swatch of, you guessed it, a red tartan. Oddly, all the gal wait staff are dressed identically. The male staff wear… kilts – knee length by the way.

The Irish Times has about 32 beer on tap – which might be a record for Victoria. We quickly zeroed on the Kilkenny . It is a significantly lighter version of Guinness – that is because Guinness is a stout and Killkenny is an Irish Cream Ale, yea?

The Irish Times has been open for a couple of years now – this is our first visit. The owner of the I.T. also has the Penny Farthing in the oak Bay Village and is working on a 3rd outlet on Government called The Bard and Banker if I am correct – opening next Friday – June 27!

Oh yea. The Burgers were spot on. We had them with Chips – all dressed.

The holy trinity: Burgers, Beers and Tartan skirts. Good as it gets.

  1. I agree the irish times is fantastic! great selection of scotch to boot.

    kered    Sep 7, 10:59 am    #

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