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Take the Aeropress Challenge · 6.09.06 by colin newell

Give the Aeropress a whirlAlan Adler, engineer and designer (and owner) of Aerobie Industries – maker of the Aeropress Coffee maker is sending me a crate of 8 Aeropress coffee makers for give-away / assignment to Beta testers.

Are you a potential Aeropress beta-tester?

Have you got the right stuff to try out this interesting product?

I use the Aeropress. Every weekend.
I enjoy it so much that I packed up the Rancilio Silvia and loaned it out long term to CoffeeCrew writer Adam Tindale.

Is the Aeropress better than espresso?

I did not say that.

It is easier than fussing with espresso.

Bottom line for me, folks, is getting that caffeine into my system in the most expedient and practical way possible.

Still, I do enjoy the Aeropress. We are doing more weekend getaways from Victoria than ever before.
And the Aeropress travels well.

Would you enjoy an Aeropress?

E-Mail me and I will ship you one…
if and only if I get the sense that you are an Aeropress kind of person.

Update – I am long out of Aeropress units. Thanks for your interest everyone!

  1. Colin said: “Bottom line for me, folks, is getting that caffeine into my system in the most expedient and practical way possible.”

    Say it isn’t so! Well, on workday mornings I can see the merit. This was the result of your few week’s caffeine reduction challenge? Colin gotta have it?

    dave    Sep 7, 02:05 pm    #
  2. My wife (andrea) ordered me back on the bean when I became too droopy.

    Droopy. From lack of caffeine.


    Maybe I am caffeine!

    colin    Sep 8, 06:53 am    #
  3. hey Colin, is it to late to get one of the aeropress coffe makers? I have not seen or heard of them down under and wonder what they are like

    I just stumbled across your site whilst seaching for Atomic parts. Thanks for a great read from Fredericks column

    Cheers, Bernd


    bernd    Oct 9, 05:39 pm    #
  4. Nope – I have a few left.

    If you want a free one, better e-mail me soon!

    colin    Oct 13, 01:14 pm    #
  5. Aeropress? Is that like a French press for espresso? As in a Frespresso or Frenchpresso?

    Looks like an intriguing device!

    Also, I see you have lent out your precious Miss Silvia! I am trying to save up for one by the time the holidays come around – currently stuck with an atrocious steam-driven imposter – and have been waiting for your long-in-coming review of her. I guess now that she’s in Adam’s hands that’ll be taking even longer…

    Thanks for all of the interesting reads. Keep ‘em coming!

    Dave    Oct 16, 05:08 pm    #
  6. Hi,

    My husband is a coffee critic. He has returned many a cup because it was not perfect. would like to see if this meets his palette. Think how happy the coffee makers would be not having to put up with his taste buds.

    Doris Lesick    Oct 19, 07:06 am    #
  7. i lved the coffee in the dominican, but coffee here is definately not as smooth. my delonghi espresso is so finiky i sometimes don’t even bother with espresso cause its so hit and miss. this aeropress sounds excellent, i would love to get one if still possible. its small size would fit well in my tool box for my night shifts at work. am i too late?

    mike    Oct 24, 11:24 am    #
  8. Hi Colin,

    I first found out about the aeropress over at
    Mark Frauenfelder did a demo and gave it a rave review. I googled “aeropress” and “canada” to see if I could find a retailer in vancouver and came across your original review and then this post. If you still have some left to give, I’d love to get one.

    Gordon    Oct 23, 04:45 pm    #
  9. Would like to try one to take on some of my motorcycle camping trips. I live for my espresso and would just like to see how one of these do. If it as you say I’m sure several of my camping buddies would be interested, thanks.

    Don    Feb 3, 07:44 am    #
  10. I am a flight attendant and had a passenger from Toronto (fellow coffee snob) rave about the aeropress. I am looking to buy one in Calgary. Any ideas where I can find one?

    clare    Oct 31, 09:50 am    #
  11. I have seen the AEROPRESS at Home Hardware in Canada – if not there, then online from

    Colin    Oct 31, 04:46 pm    #
  12. This coffee maker has revolutionized the way I make coffee. I love sitting around with friends in the morning, each brewing their own cup to their preference. I hope the AeroPress gains popularity and we see them all over! Hope you can find one in Calgary clare!

    coffeemp    May 2, 05:17 pm    #
  13. Hi Colin,

    We have been enjoying our Aeropress ever since you gave me the freebie. Our son, who moved out about a year ago is lusting after one but the $49.95 at Home Hardware in the Fairfield Plaza is a little steep. Do you know where a it may be obtained a little cheaper? Even a used one would do. We would like to get him one for Xmas. We are desperate, he might move back home just to get some decent coffe. Bodum is not working for him!

    Bob Allen    Oct 3, 04:24 pm    #
  14. Yes indeed… in Vancouver. Mirage coffee in Victoria might even be cheaper.

    Colin Newell    Oct 3, 04:26 pm    #
  15. you got any more of thesepresses

    Andrew    Jun 24, 04:35 pm    #
  16. That was 7 years ago… wow. Time flies.
    Nope – you can buy them at many Home Hardware stores and many coffee outlets.

    colin    Jun 24, 04:53 pm    #

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