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Morons on wheels - Darwin's natural selection · 28.01.07 by colin newell

Yet another Moron on wheelsWe had a wonderful weekend at Point No Point

Beautiful weather. Brilliant Sunshine. Rest and relaxation.
Oh yea. And a…
High-speed motorcycle crashing head-on into a BMW.

West coast road between Sooke and Jordan River and Port Renfrew, however scenic, is an environment of vehicular lawlessness that the R.C.M.P cannot get a handle on.

Every weekend the Sun comes out, zippy hives of crotch rocket driving morons (guys in almost 100% of cases) zip down this winding ocean-side road at speeds over 100 miles per hour.

They endanger their lives.
And the lives of other motorists.
And they do this every time the sun comes out.

They are male. And they are ignorant and inconsiderate of others.

Anyhow. This weekend, one of these morons on wheels met head on with a brand new BMW. Judging by what was left of the bike, there was little left of the driver. The Beemer faired much better; some crumples on the hood. That was pretty much it.

Yep. This is Darwin at work. Natural selection.
And it works.

On a more personal note, I have had these 2-wheeled morons come screaming up behind my wife and I on the West Coast road… endangering us. I treat this kind of behavior as if it was agressive assault (like there is any other kind…)

And I tend to hit back.
So watch for me.

Thank you to the word-Nazi who corrected my terrible punctuation.

  1. Yes, morons on motorcycles are annoying— but so are morons who don’t understand how to form plurals or possessives. One does NOT use an apostrophe for plurals of words like “moron”; one DOES use an apostrophe for forming the possessive of a proper noun such as “Darwin.”

    And “Darwin” (the noun) is always, always capitalized.

    I consider headlines with idiotic punctuation errors to be a form of aggressive assault on my linguistic sensibilities, and I tend to hit back (in the form of snarky comments).

    So watch your punctuation.

    — Grammar A-hole    Jan 29, 06:17 pm    #
  2. Thanks. Any feedback is good feedback.

    colin (the editor)    Jan 30, 10:17 am    #
  3. We have a cottage near Point No Point and have to endure horrendous, non-stop, ear-splitting throttle cranking from dawn to dusk on summer weekends!! What a bunch of maniacs these guys are. I wonder if they’re some of the same kids who stuffed marbles up their noses in kindergarten? I guess the latest Evil Knievel will mean one less crazyman to procreate… Time to take a vidcam to the road for an hour and forward the tape to the RCMP. God they’d make a killing (no pun intended) pulling over these the speed junkies and selling their bikes at the next auction. I too worry about us good law abiding. More than a dozen times, I’ve come around a corner and had to pull to the right to avoid a passing bike coming the other way. It’s scary as hell. Thanks for letting me vent…

    Kbear    Jan 30, 01:11 pm    #
  4. PS: Great to hear you had a fabulous time at PNP... it’s still a cool little relatively unknown funky place to unwind.

    Kbear    Jan 30, 01:27 pm    #
  5. Thanks Kbear – we try and get to PnP once a month to decompress. My song writing partner and I have written and recorded a song about the PnP – If you are interested, I can send you the MP3. We plan to release a CD of Island music in the late Spring.

    colin (the editor)    Jan 30, 01:55 pm    #
  6. I’ve heard them referred to as “donorcycles”.

    B.    Feb 12, 09:21 am    #
  7. I know I’m resuscitating this a long time after the fact, but I just wanna put in a motorcyclist’s 2 cents.

    These suicidal morons drive me insane. Inexperienced guys who think they’re invincible ‘cause they’re wearing leather and a helmet, riding a machine with just shy of 200 horsepower at racetrack speeds on a public road, with so many unpredictable factors and hazards it’s pretty much akin to pulling the pin from a grenade taped to your head and hoping it’s a dud.

    There are track days at real racetracks for stretching bikes to the limit, where the only one in danger is the rider – they accept the risks for themselves, and that’s the way it should be. On the road, they’re accepting that risk for other road users as well, which they have no right to do.

    They’re devastating families, portraying motorcyclists as a bunch of mindless adrenaline junkies, and driving up my bloody insurance rates.

    I put a great emphasis on the ‘Live’ in ‘Ride to Live’, and bore those around me senseless harping on about riders investing in training and reading the many great books on riding safely while still having fun.

    Sadly, there will still be morons for whom the thrill outweighs the risk. And as you said, it’s natural selection at work. Another sign that the gene pool needs some chlorine.

    The Pace by Nick Ienatsch is a great article on safe group riding…

    — Ride to Live    Nov 19, 09:03 am    #

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