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Avril Lavigne launches World Tour from Victoria · 6.03.08 by colin newell

Avril kicks out Canadian World Tour in VictoriaOverheard moments after the concert ended…

“How does a Vancouver Canucks game differ from an Avril Lavigne concert?”

Well. It seems that after paying over $60 for her, slightly over one hour, show

Well… “You are the loser.”

I am aware that she has, what, 2 songs that have garnered radio play in the last 2 years or so…
Lemme see… Sk8r Boi… and… Thinking… Thinking…

At a little over $1/minute for Avril (hey, Video games cost more than that!), the average fan might not notice the time passing – but as a music reviewer, it is like being in a room of heroin addicts after a quad-shot of my favorite espresso.

And as a devoted fan of American and Canadian Idol (more pre-fab music in the works), I have noticed that there is a finite pool of musical talent on this continent… and with each trip to the trough, that supply gets more and more scant. And no, I am not saying that Avril is not talented… because she has broad appeal to her legion of teen and pre-teen girlfriends…

It’s just… I hope this is not the future of live music: Where (largely prefabricated) bands trot out their hits in staccato fashion in under an hour… and graceless at that.

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