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Domain Registry of Canada - SCAM Rant · 4.04.07 by colin newell

Canuck ScammersI look after about one dozen websites for a variety of wonderful clients.

Almost all of them have received paper-mail from the scam artists at the Domain Registry of Canada.

Yes. It is a scam.

“People who prey on the uncertainty of others make me sick. This is the reason direct mail and email marketing efforts are dying in vein. It is because of places like the Domain Registry of Canada scam.”

“The Domain Registry Of Canada scam get their filthy paws on people who register a .CA web domain. The Domain Registry Of Canada scam then sends direct mail pieces warning you that you must “protect your domain” and other jargon that insinuates the Domain Registry Of Canada scam is an official or safe place (it is – but so is every other one). It’s done to lure you and the Domain Registry of Canada site and materials even look like a Government affiliated agency.”

Other online and paper-mail scams include the likes of the International Internet Directory from Zurich, Switzerland (or some other Central European hell-hole…) including 1000$ invoices for inclusion in this fake directory.

Like telephone solicitation, this is right down there with the bottom feeders. So. Beware the Domain Registry of Canada

Did some more research on the DRC scammers – It seems they have been fined 40,000 dollars for their antics – and with their latest set of antics, it appears they may be in breach of this original court order!

Details here

Hey. Sometimes the good guys do prevail.

  1. “From what I can see the domain name expired on 03/01/2007, as it was not renewed it became available again and was bought. It now has a new owner who you can contact using the details from the WHOIS (mainly the email address as everything is masked with the ID protect but the email forwards to the customers true address). I am truly sorry that the domain name was not renewed into your account but renewal reminder emails were sent to the reseller
    Domain Registry of Canada at the time of expiration. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.”


    This was the latest in a saga that has my domain name stolen. Of course, I had no notice for renewal. (I don’t think they’re capable of recording those requests for renewal and the e-mail address they used). In this note to me above it is declared it was sold. Interestingly enough, I don’t recall paying for it in 1998. So here’s a new scam: The reseller just claims to have asked the owner of the given Domain Name to renew the registry but, of course, does not, simply waiting until the mandated time to allow for renewal to elapse and then sells to the highest bider.

    The reseller in question?
    Why “Domain Registry of Canada”, of course – who else.

    Nigel Scott    Aug 15, 03:31 pm    #
  2. Here is the owner of this scam operation:

    ********, Peter
    24 ***********
    North York, ON M2M 4E1

    Editor: careful there folks! I do not want to be sued for outing this person
    Vlad    Dec 16, 03:58 am    #
  3. instead of sending them a cheque, I sent my pubes

    —    Nov 28, 11:19 am    #

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