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Rites of Spring #16 - We remember Mount St. Helens from 1980 · Tuesday May 18, 2010 by colin newell

We remember Mount St. Helens – live audio!

St. Helens May 1980

Many of us over 40 years of age might remember that morning in May 18th 1980 when Mount St. Helens exploded.

The pressure had been building on the lava dome for months and it was well known that something might be happening soon. Very few would have expected such a violent explosion as this one.

For me, there was 2 distinct shock waves that rolled through Victoria. It sounded like heavy artillery.
Depending on the location in the Northwest, everyone had a different impression.

I had my 1973 era cassette tape running moments after the explosion of Mount St. Helens – so please check out this out-take of ham radio operators and a newscast from CFAX 1070. You are there!

Living in the Northwest and on the Pacific coast it is very important to be aware of the hazards of living in the ring of fire.

If you cannot see the audio thing below, click here for the mp3.

  1. Great vintage clip. My mom yelled at me for thumping around upstairs, not knowing it was actually the shock wave.

    robert randall    May 18, 10:23 pm    #
  2. I remember slowly waking up that morning. I was in a cabin just north of Vancouver BC. I heard what sounded like an explosion then the whole building shook. There was hanging candle holder attached to a chain like a chandelier, it was swinging back and fourth like a pendulum on a grandfather clock.

    spock    May 18, 11:41 pm    #

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