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Pasta - Scallops in lemon pepper and butter · 13.05.13 by colin newell

Scallops and capers in Lemon pepper butter sauce

Toast 1/4 cup of Panko bread crumbs

Put some pasta on to cook – enough for 2.

Into Saute pan put 1/4 cup of quality Extra virgin Olive oil to heat.
Put in 1/4 cup of butter
Cut 5 large Scallops into quarters – season with lemon pepper

Toss in the Scallops into Saute pan. Cook for 2.5 minutes.

Remove the scallops to paper towel – add another sprinkle of lemon pepper.

Add some more butter to the pan – add 1 heaping tablespoon of chopped
garlic + heaping tablespoon of capers with some caper liquid.

Put in 1/3 cup of lemon juice to saute pan.
Add 2 heaping tablespoons of dried parsley.

Put on low simmer.

Remove toasted breadcrumbs from oven and toss 2 tablespoons of fresh grated Peccorino Cheese to the hot bread crumbs.

Put 1/2 cup of hot pasta water into saute pan and toss.
Return scallops to pan.

Drain pasta – add pasta to saute pan.
Sprinkle 1/2 of the toasted bread crumb and cheese mixture onto saute pan and toss.

Plate the pasta between 2 plates – sprinkle remaining cheese and breadcrumbs.

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